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Developer: HANDY Labs LLC
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iOnTime will help take the planning and worry out of your day and tells you when its time to leave to get to your event on time!

You put down your appointment in your calendar for when and where the appointment is. iOnTime calculates when you need to leave based on your location and traffic conditions. If traffic conditions change or your location changes it updates the notification time and lets you know when its time to leave. It even pops up a handy Navigate Me button to help you get there.

This is inspired by my long standing Dentist appointments that are set up six months in advance. I can never remember if the time I put there is the time I need to be there or time to leave. On top of that I do not always know where I will be, and whether I need 15, 30 or even an hour to get there. iOnTime takes this guess work out. Just leave it running in the background and it will do the work for you.

iOnTime needs your permission to run in the background, access your location and calendar. It does NOT store this information and never sends it out to the cloud. We respect your privacy!

If you have more than one device, and they all share the same calendar, iOnTime will pickup those events on any of the devices you run it on to remind you when to leave.

Disclaimer: "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."